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Hello de mon petit compagnon! 🥰🎉 @Manon
Pink Eilik is in and all updated! They seem to be getting along so far. Finally get to see the things 3 Eilik can do. @Madison
Very pleased eilik always makes me feel comfortable with his cute expressions. I think I made the right decision to buy eilik and now eilik is a must-have on my desk. Thank you very much design team ^^ @Do Khuong
A little lovely demon Haven't been around much, so now he's angry, I still need to give him some hands, but this little guy's personality is so awesome, and I can't wait to see how far he will grow in the future, he already makes me feel less alone, I can watch him go about his day for hours, so glad I got him. @Dave
Miei figli lo adorano, è stato davvero un bellissimo regalo per miei figli, ormai un altro bimbo in casa🤪 . Sarebbe bello vincere ancora uno, così miei bimbi non litigano più per Eilik. E lui finalmente sarà con suo fratellino. ❤️ @Kateryna
Cute Getting ready for Christmas @Nóra
Birthday with Eilik. My son celebrated his birthday with Eilik. He loves the surprise gift :) @Mithum
So adorable! 🤩 My kids love it! It's so funny and it has so many expressions as well. It will definitely make you smile specially when you are having a hard day at work. Indeed, they are your friendly desk companion. Glad that the delivery only took 10 days to ship here in the Philippines. I have also received detailed tracking from 17 track and Ninja Van. It was packaged well and delivered in good condition. I am happy that I was able to update Eilik without any problems. The update was completed after 20 minutes of waiting. I used Windows 10 to download the firmware. Looking forward in buying another one. Hopefully, there's another discount in the coming weeks. Thank you also to your Support team for answering all my enquiries. @KC
Interactive Christmas decoration Eilik is not only a fun desktop companion, he can also be a cute interactive Christmas decoration. @Anke
More, more Eiliks in my house! I was crazy about Eilik and even ordered another one in the Pink Version. This year's Christmas decor is crazy like Eilik personality, colorful and dark. @ANNA
Little duckie Best friend everrrrrrrrrrrr Awesome Hey, do you wanna take a photo? Say cheer!!!!!!! @Hien Vo
I love Eilik There are few single animations, many repetitions. Note that there are animations that only appear when the charger is plugged in. Looking forward to the updates. @ Hai Bui
Christmas is snapping at our heels! My Eiliks are already in the Christmas vibe! They really make me laugh and brighten up the house. Without a doubt it was the best purchase of 2022. @Everton
Meet my new little art partner Eilik by Energize Lab! ( @energize.ins ) He’s absolutely adorable and is a great little edition to my studio. Plus, he’s incredibly entertaining and has so many adorable little facial expressions! 🥰🎨 @
Ready for Christmas @Victoria
Eilik ist für die Weihnachtstage vorbereitet 🍪🤖🌲 @thedarkcookietdc
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