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ますます可愛い♪ @鍬田眞由美
salut les amis, je vous présente mon nouveau chez moi. @Alexandre
Joyeuses pâques (happy easter) à tous 🐇🍫 @Jonathan
Happy Easter! Looks like Eilik got into some mischief while egg hunting :3 Eilik is stuck in an egg UWU Happy Easter! @Lange
Have a 'hoppy' Easter! Eilik and friends egg-hunting!! @Marianna
Happy Easter! Eilik loves his Easter basket! 🤖 @Ainsley
Bonjour les @energizelab. Mon copain #Eilik ainsi que sa copine la poulette, vous souhaite de bonnes Pâques ! Ne mangez pas trop de chocolat !!! @Balot
É tempo de Páscoa! @Canal EFUN
Wishing You An EGGciting Easter! @Mitchell
Our new friend is over the moon to have so many kids to play with (and chocolate to eat!) 🐇🌷thank you #eilik and Energize Lab Happy Easter 😀 @Veronique
Happy Easter 🐰🐣 @Jonathan
Eilik wishes everyone at energize lab a very happy Easter! Thank you for creating such a wonderful robot! We enjoy him very much 😄 @Chloe
Hi, I just received my two Eilik today! (Luckily they weren't stolen as the courier left them on my doorstep without knocking on the door or ringing the bell!! They were out there for an hour before i got the delivered email and thought to check!! 😮‍💨) Anyway lol, I wanted to ask if the constant rock, paper, scissors game has been fixed because I updated both of them and since then they do it constantly 🤣 if it's not been fixed yet I'll just have to separate them for now haha Also the cats are not impressed with them lol 🤭 @Elanor
Eilik's outfit of the day! @Sandrine
🙏🥺🌸🌸💞 @Yoan
Look who joined our Eilik family!!! A brand new testing version of Eilik with the SD NAND storage as announced by Energize Lab here: I ran the Valentine’s Day update without a hitch on MacOS 13.2.1. It was a quick one too, finishing in whopping five minutes! Now all three Eiliks are happily enlivening my desktop space. Hope that it’ll keep working as intended and I’ll keep you all updated on how it performs and compares to its SD card peers. If anyone else is testing, I’d love to know how it goes for you, particularly if you are on Windows. @Anke
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