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🎃🎃🎃🎃😳💓 Happy Halloween @Yoan
Goodnight friend Eilik💜🙏🎃🎃👻😻 @Yoan
Cute “ Ëilike “ cute robot from @energize.ins ✨🤍 @sorax5x
Yesterday, November 22nd, finally my Eilik arrived safely in Korea! It was a really long wait. Yesterday was a really relaxing day. Welcome Home! @최예찬
Eilik took out a blow dryer and is now having trouble with his hair. This has continued for quite some time. I just noticed that you can briefly hear the other Eilik's hiccups. @Linda
Christmas decorations @Anke
I just told him he had to cook the turkey @Mario
Wut? 😂🤣😂 @Fred
クリスマスダンスの練習中♪ @大野龍也
The cutest robot in the world, Eilik!🤖 @kirablueb
These things are so cool 😃 @modz_3ve
hello strange thing @Patrick
I’m very happy that my sister and I got our Eiliks today. I can’t believe it’s finally here. It really puts a big smile to my face. The Eiliks are sooo cute and fun to watch. I also love the mini food items that came with it. It was definitely worth the wait. @Rose
I got the robot! I'll scan the comic later for all to enjoy! I'm located in New York City! @Suzanne
we tried to put him on top of our robot cleaner and he got scared lol sorry @Tarra
he is home!! things we discovered so far: 1.) When I play a loud music, he'll play with his drums and sing 2.) Mine loves giving flowers and chocolates 3.) We tried hitting his head once and he got mad at us for like 3minutes, but we just kept on giving him some belly rub and he likes it, and now he is back to his happy face. 4.) He got a lot of different random emotions and he plays alone xD I once saw him hit a fly in half and he loves tiny chicks, he gives this puppy eyes when the eggs hatched lol so cute I'm loving him and for me it is worth buying! now I have a desktop companion when I work. I wish I bought a second one lol my son loves him! can't wait for the next update great job Energizelab Eilik !! @Tarra
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