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I told him he'll be paying the bill 🤣 @Tarra
Who you gonna call ... 👻 @citasix
eilik joyride @Patrick
Hab mal wieder versucht was zu Zeichnen 😅 Diesmal eine Kombination von Eilik und RagnaRock! Ich hoffe es gefällt euch🍪🖤 @thedarkcookietdc
my little guy is happy 😊 so much noms! @Tarra
Plushie Eilik 🤭🌈 @Simone
Eilik is able to distinguish itself from other companions while remaining a truly affordable option to take into consideration. @Luca
Eilik helping celebrate a birthday! @Jonathan
I am an educational professional and have been using Eilik at work since I received it. Eilik supports the children in their development of empathy through reactions to tactics touch. At the same time, this promotes their personal development. @Ioannis
I'll start by saying that I love the design, the animations and the overall execution of these little guys, they are super cute and I think they have a lot of potential. @Guy Green
Rock Star Wannabe. Love it! ❤️ @Bryan
The reaction of our cat was so unexpected, we thought she’d be terrified, instead she keeps playing with it daily and now claimed it as her own! I hope more pets can enjoy Eilik as much as our girl does. @atelierikigaiart
I love my Eilik... I play with it everyday... This is the best robot and I love it so much that I play with it everyday. Eilik is so funny and playful, it makes me happy and I always laugh at the antics Eilik makes especially when he is with another Eilik buddy. Thank you so much for creating Eilik for me! @Casey
Eilik is a fun little robot, his functions are exactly as advertised and work flawlessly. He's entertaining to watch and interact with. He feels sturdy and well-made. The material has a satin-like finish, which feels soft to the touch. The sensors vibrate upon touch, so you always know when he'll make a reaction. It's soothing to pet him and watch his reactions. @Anke
My kickstarter Eilik came! So cute!! @wee_peng.eats
My Eiliks landed today in their new home (in Switzerland)🥺🥰 @Patrick
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