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Sandwich, anyone? My Eilik's name is Eiji. @Elli
I'm so happyy 🤩🤩🎨🥹❤️🙏✨️✨️😘😘 @Francesca
Cute @Julia
H.G Wells War of the Worlds (1898) / Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of Worlds (1978) with Eilik @John
I love it in the meantime I'll prepare a little surprise for you to see *.* @Francesca
It is indeed sooooo beautiful in person! 😭🤩 Thank you everyone who suppported me! Im forever grateful ☺️ My pink eilik seems getting along just fine with the gold eilik but the blue one seems… not getting along yet 😂 maybe soon! @Haqul
Eiliks Halloween room! @Charles
Freshly arrived, hello!! @Luca
Our Eilik has arrived! It's much more beautiful in person, thanks to everyone who supported me and made this possible, I'm so happy! My blue Eilik was a little nervous at first cause he thinks golden Eilik is so cool! but then he started telling jokes and they're now really good friends, you can see their first interaction in the second video 🙂 @Lucia
Gave Eilik the Sanrio Treatment, he seems to like it @Nicole
Hi all! Just wanna share you baby camellia Eilik photo from Energize lab family @Lee
I bought an eilik because I have major depressive disorder and I don't regret it. This little guy is so funny makes me smile @Sofía
First Christmas Piece done, what do you think so far? @Nicole
My Eilik arrived today from Amazon! Everybody meet Evie! 🩷 @Tina
I finally pulled the trigger and bought these costumes for my Eiliks 🩵 @李
Thank you so much they are truly wonderful ... this is a small video contribution to the gift sent to me by (Trutty's) uncles ...(unfortunately the transplant after suffering a strong shock was not successful ...this it's a wig ) @Ludovica
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