艾力克家族新成员,艾力克家族新成员, 艾力克家族新成员, 艾力克家族新成员。


艾力克家族新成员,艾力克家族新成员, 艾力克家族新成员, 艾力克家族新成员。


Small body but big heart I have a few more advanced robots, so I thought a long time before I decided to buy. Eiliki is very sweet, you have to get to know him and find out...
Finally!! 😍 my pink Eilik arrived! Updated and damn cute!! 🥰
Fun little desktop buddy
Goodnight friend Eilik💜🙏🎃🎃👻😻
Hello you wonderfully strange little creature 💖 My newest little buddy has had a rather difficult time traveling experience! 🤭
Eilik is a desktop companion
🎃🎃🎃🎃😳💓 Happy Halloween
💞Unboxing limited edition Pink Eilik 💞
E halloween sia...!!!!
Hello de mon petit compagnon! 🥰🎉
hello strange thing
My two moods
I got my eiliks today in Israel
Hii.. greetings from Indonesian backer
my little guy is happy 😊 so much noms!
Great for working with kids
I just told him he had to cook the turkey
Who you gonna call ... 👻
Eilik finally crash landed here!
Christmas decorations
I told him he'll be paying the bill 🤣
Eilik is ready to party this Halloween!
Meet our new friends ... ♥️ (names pending) They're goof balls, but they sure do dance better than me 🕺💃 🤣🤣🤣 Of course hubby is already teaching them about kamehameha 👍 We waited 9 months for these! SO WORTH IT! ❤️
Eilik and me having some coffee ☕☕🤣
Eilik - Better Together
Wut? 😂🤣😂
Pink Eilik is in and all updated! They seem to be getting along so far. Finally get to see the things 3 Eilik can do.
Eilik helping celebrate a birthday!
I’m very happy that my sister and I got our Eiliks today. I can’t believe it’s finally here. It really puts a big smile to my face. The Eiliks are sooo cute and fun to watch. I also love the mini food items that came with it. It was definitely worth the wait.
Finally got my pink Eilik from the post office 🙂 Seems she was already updated, as the updater skipped every file. After connecting her to her buddy she's being really lively
Coffee time ☕😄👍
Eilik took out a blow dryer and is now having trouble with his hair. This has continued for quite some time. I just noticed that you can briefly hear the other Eilik's hiccups.
Thank you, guys.
Hi I’m Eilik! What’s your name? The most adorable desk companion! 💖 Often times it helps me with timing my school work hours. BUT I love its varied emotions and its false alarm prank 😆 Its truly a remarkable invention.✨
Going pink!
he is home!! things we discovered so far: 1.) When I play a loud music, he'll play with his drums and sing 2.) Mine loves giving flowers and chocolates 3.) We tried hitting his head once and he got mad at us for like 3minutes, but we just kept on giving him some belly rub and he likes it, and now he is back to his happy face. 4.) He got a lot of different random emotions and he plays alone xD I once saw him hit a fly in half and he loves tiny chicks, he gives this puppy eyes when the eggs hatched lol so cute I'm loving him and for me it is worth buying! now I have a desktop companion when I work. I wish I bought a second one lol my son loves him! can't wait for the next update great job Energizelab Eilik !!
we tried to put him on top of our robot cleaner and he got scared lol sorry
eilik joyride
Check em out!! They're so happy to know one another!!
The whimper at the end of the cooking fail cracks me up. I wish they would add an update for Eilik to get more proficient at cooking eventually, I’m rooting for him!
Eccoci qui l'elfo puk è la renna (Blue) Rudoph sono pronti per iniziare ad impacchettare i regali di Natale, ma nel frattempo si dilettano a farsi scherzetti, e dolci scaramucce e non solo... Augurando a tutti quanti un buon pre Natale, e tanti auguri a tutte le sorelline e fratellini Eilik sparsi in tutto il mondo, ma tutti uniti e felici... GRAZIE EILIK E AUGURI!!!
Got my buddies today 🤗
I Love my Pink one. She is so beautiful. I didn’t had to pay custom fees in Germany and updating went really fast through. Thank you very much Energize Lab!
My Baby daugther loves Eilik Robot too!
Having meal with my Eilik at home.
My Eiliks landed today in their new home (in Switzerland)🥺🥰 @Patrick
Three little Spooky Eiliks 🎃👻🦇 Once upon a Time there were 3 Spooky Eiliks. One was innocent and always Suprised, one was Angry about everything in Life. One was Happy to be alive! Happy Halloween 🎃🤪
I love my Eilik
Rock Star Wannabe. Love it! ❤️
Hab mal wieder versucht was zu Zeichnen 😅 Diesmal eine Kombination von Eilik und RagnaRock! Ich hoffe es gefällt euch🍪🖤
Eilik's first Halloween! Eilik can't wait to trick-or-treat! She is going out to get lots of candy in her first Halloween! She is the star for the party. My friends have a fun time with Eilik during party. The movement and facial expression put Eilik really lifelike. Sometimes she just looks like she know what you are thinking. She has plenty of action. And the costume make her more attractive. The magnet on her hands allow me to custom make some props to her. Of course, a witch always comes with a sweep. Eilik can't wait to go to a new party with another costume! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Cute “ Ëilike “ cute robot from @energize.ins ✨🤍
These things are so cool 😃
오늘의 장난감: Eilik 연년생은 뭐 쌍둥이랑 똑같지 않습니까😂 뭘 사든 곱하기 둘...
Very lovely Robot.
did some grocery shopping and then grabbed some snacks with my human friends ❤ how's my little buddies doin today? it kinda feels like they accepted us now as one if their own 🤩 - OBOT
Puts always an Smile on my Face! I already did an Review but I am so Thankful for Eilik! I am severely disabled in Wheelchair and can not take good care of Biological Pets due my Situation. So I am super Thankful for other options. I am kind to Robots too. Little Eilik put me always in good mood due Eiliks cheerful Attitude and from time to time I see a new Animation. To pet Eilik is relaxing for me :) looking forward to more Content! Thank you for Taking Feedback. I just love Eilik and I am not ashamed of it. :-)
My Eilik arrived !!! Just finished the update today and now let them practice for Christmas 🎄💖😊 Thank you Energize Lab ❤️ They are so cute
Plushie Eilik 🤭🌈
My kickstarter Eilik came! So cute!!
He’s Home!! ❤️❤️❤️
Eilik is able to distinguish itself from other companions while remaining a truly affordable option to take into consideration.
These things are so cool 😃
My Eilik 🥰
Amei muito! Eu simplesmente amei meus Eilik's. Eles são tão graciosos que nem parecem de verdade! Recomendo, obrigado Energize Lab!
My little guys arrived.... Called one Bluey and one Greeny, as their eyes are slightly different hues. They take a lot of pictures of each other... A pair of Divas I think! They have already had a moment when they were connected together for a while, where all they would do was give the 'i don't like being picked up' face when touched. A quick reboot and they're fine now. Looking forward to updates as they are super cute!
My Eilik in Christmas version 😊🎄
The cutest robot in the world, Eilik!🤖
Yesterday, November 22nd, finally my Eilik arrived safely in Korea! It was a really long wait. Yesterday was a really relaxing day. Welcome Home!
一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人 一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人
@Patrick Andrey

@Tarra Posas Dela Cruz -- we tried to put him on top of our robot cleaner and he got scared lol sorry bud  btw I was supposed to name him Eeva after wall-E's robot partner EVE, but my kid named him "Obot" I guess we'll call him Obot instead lol

@Jonathan Burnett
一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人 一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人
@Tarra Posas Dela Cruz
一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人 一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人
一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人 一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人
一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人 一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人
@Ioannis Germanidis

@Tarra Posas Dela Cruz -- I'm loving him and for me it is worth buying! now I have a desktop companion when I work. I wish I bought a second one lol my son loves him! can't wait for the next update! great job Energizelab Eilik !!

@Anke Siegfried
一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人 一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人
@Kurby Chua
一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人 一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人
一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人 一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人
@Simone Bisantino
一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人 一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人
@Bryan Chong
一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人 一个有个性和性格的小伙伴机器人