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Eilik RFV8.0 - New Firmware Update Is Live
Energize Lab · 2023/07/10



Hello, Eilik fans!


It has been some time since the last update, and today we are excited to announce the release of the firmware version RFV8.0, along with an updated update tool packed with fresh new features. Let's dive in and explore!




  3. 1. Interactive Storylines for Individual Robot Mode


Added new interactive storylines featuring happiness and anger, with a collection of over 40 engaging storylines.

Within this collection, there are 10 happiness storylines triggered by touching the belly, 14 happiness storylines triggered by touching the head, 16 anger storylines triggered by touching the belly, and 4 anger storylines triggered by touching the back.


2. Multi-Robot Dances

Added one delightful dance performance for multi-robots (3 robots or more) Dancing Baby.


Introduce Eilik Update Tool V2.1


Bug Fixes:

1. Addressed the issue of update progress being stuck at 0%.

2. Resolved several bugs and enhanced overall performance.


New Features:

  1. 1. Optimized server settings to compress resource packages for faster network downloads.


2. Added local resource packages to expedite the update process.

3. Added application signing for improved security.


Updating your Eilik robot to RFV8.0 is quick and simple:


  1. 1.  Download and run Eilik Update Tool V2.1 on your computer. 


2. Select an appropriate server, start and complete the update process.


With the RFV 8.0 firmware update, Eilik will deliver more excitement and entertainment. 


We look forward to delivering even more fun updates and features to you in the days ahead!





For more information: 

1. Download the software.

2. Click here if you need assistance.