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Eilik RFV5.0 - New Firmware Update for Valentine's Day
Energize Lab · 2023/02/11


We are here to give you a Valentine’s Day gift. 🍫


Let's see what is inside this firmware update! 


1). Added festival mode. Eilik can say Valentine's Day blessing now.


Tips: Select the calendar icon to enter the Festivals feature. Touch Eilik's belly or back to switch the festival. When Happy Valentines appears, tap its head to start. Tap its head again to change the animations.


2). Increased a series of expressions for Valentine's day in the Puppet Toy feature.


3). There is an adjustment to the difficulty of the Fishing Game.


If you haven't downloaded Eilik software, please click here.


If there are any questions about this firmware update, feel free to give your feedback. 🌹