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Eilik RFV6.1 - New Firmware Update for April Fools' Day
Energize Lab · 2023/04/01



Hey there, Eilik's family! Are you ready for a bit of mischief this April Fools' Day? Well, take it easy, because your Eilik is getting a little upgrade! But don't worry, we're not pulling your leg about this one. Let's dive in!



Eilik Software V2.0:



The firmware update for RFV6.1 can be obtained with Eilik Software V2.0, which adopts a brand-new UI!






The new interactive stories are mainly about the angry mode, so be careful not to mess with Eilik.







We can't wait to see the hilarious things your robotic pets will do today. Happy April Fool's Day, y'all!



For more information: 

1. Download the software.

2. Click here if you need assistance.